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Curly on ♥ ♥ ♥
Sweet shot Nilla :-)

Langevine on ♥ ♥ ♥
oh ils sont mimis

m@hd! on grandmother sweetie
wow!very nice

Tomek on 15 month
Fantastic, full of emotion portrait.:-)

Tomek on The (old) man and the sea
Nicely composed.:-)

Mia on dog in pigpen
very nice! Abbe are so cute

Sathya on bierks
Beautiful shot. Nice details.

omid on bierks
woooow! very nice shot! such beautiful composition, colors, lighting & textures! Lovely!

Tomek on bierks
Beautiful trees.:-)

omid on easter visit
so cute! :) . Excellent portrait! . L O V E L Y !

Basile Pesso on signs
Excellent, and when we think to what "toilettes" means in French, excellently funny :-)

Kent on signs
Där kan man inte missa vart man ska nånstans. Kul bild

omid on ♥ O N E Y E A R ♥
so cute! :) L O V E L Y !!!!

Mamma Mia on ♥ O N E Y E A R ♥
Sötaste av dom alla!

L'angevine on growing power 2
oh que j'adore ce bleu et ce décrépit puis ce bois qui se végète ....

Basile Pesso on growing power 2
It's such a great decision to have posted it like that...masterful and spotlightable ! Thanks for the dedication ...

L'angevine on fence
les textures sont intéressantes dans cette perspective

omid on fence
wooow! very nice shot with beautiful composition, perspective, colors, lighting & textures! Amazing!

Basile Pesso on fence
It's absolutely wonderful. This composition is superbly thought.

B. Thomas on white moose
I have heard of them, and would love to see one in the wild.

Basile Pesso on growing power
Wonderfully delicate and I understand the choice of composition and framing especially because of your choice of ...

Harry on yellow
Nice selective color.

Nilla´s photo shoots on the old man and the windmill
ha ha, thanks. Yes a "look a like" dog...

Basile Pesso on the old man and the windmill
Happy birthday (I know a lot of people who would stop their comment here and who wouldn't see that this picture is ...

Kent on the old man and the windmill
Hej Nilla. Jaså Abbe är kvar och populär att plåta. Jag var med här för några ...

omid on the old man and the windmill
so cute! :) very nice shot with beautiful angle, composition, colors & lighting! Amazing!

Kent on grandchild
Härligt med barnbarn, Trevlig bild

omid on grandchild
so cute! :)

omid on she
L O V E L Y !!!

AnCi on first Christmas
Åh va go hon är lilla Vilda! Hoppas ni får en härlig första jul tillsammans. Här ...

omid on first Christmas
so cute! :) It's a lovely shot.

Sarito on first Christmas
How cute.. lovely photo for the album :)

Curly on first Christmas
Fabulous portrait Nilla :-)

L'angevine on grandchild

Curly on grandchild
Two wonderful shots from the family album, she is looking good in pink.

Mia on sex month
our beautiful daughter!

omid on love
very nice! so beautiful frame & colors! Lovely!

omid on sex month
:) so cute!!!!!! L O V E L Y !!!!!!!!

Curly on love
Nice frame, I like the fresh colours and the white vignette is very effective.

Dimitrios on love
lovely frame*

Judy aka L@dybug on Christening
A beautiful moment in your lives! ♥

Curly on Christening
Nice one for the family album!

John on summerfeelings
Great shot the vivid green broken by the rushes

Curly on summerfeelings
Wow, welcome back Nilla. This is great, so compact and so clean and sharp!

Curly on chicken?
Cute shot.

Ruthiebear on chicken?
Not a chicken - it has webbed feet. But adorable none the less!

Göran on chicken?
Inte chicken, ser modig och lite kaxig ut. Bra fångat.

Tomek on chicken?

omid on Larus canus
very nice! so beautiful colors & lights! so cute!

Curly on ♥ little lovely girl ♥
Excellent focus on her eyes, a super shot.

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