Nilla´s photo shoots

About Nilla´s photo shoots


I'm Nilla and I love taking photos of all sorts of things! Photography is a part of my life. I love taking pictures, and find it very inspiring to look at other people's pictures.
I live in Sweden, a country in North Europe.
GPS Coordinates:
X: 6490593, Y: 1454888

Lat N 58° 32′ 8″ (58,5358)
Lon E 15° 1′ 50″ (15,0307

I´m married and we have two sons 23 and 25 years old., one is studying at university and one has finished reading and started to work.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and look at my photos, your comments are very much appreciated.

Have a nice day!

Photography Equipment

Nikon d-60

18-55 mm nikkor
55-200 mm nikkor
50 mm f/1.8D nikkor
Velbon Tripod

Software: Adobe photoshop elements 8, Photoshop CS5 extended, Mediachance Dynamic photo HDR 4